Friday, July 10, 2015

Tentative "Table of Contents" for the T.A.L.K. Blog is a life-long adventure.  Children are learning to talk and learning about talk from the day they are born.  They are till learning about talking through their school years and into adulthood.

1 Language:  What is it and how does it develop?

*Defining Language

*Mapping the Developmental Course

* Monitoring Progress

2 Predicting the Course of Language/Literacy Development

*Thriving in Preschool

*Kindergarten Readiness

*The Achievement Gap

3 The Importance of Parents and Early Caregivers

*”Baby Talk”

*Reading and Conversing With Your Baby

*Early Caregivers and Kinds of Talking

4 What Is There to Learn?



*The Larger World

5 Language/Literacy Connections




6 Language Across Contexts

*The Language of Learning

*The Language of Thinking

*Domain Specific Language



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