Monday, August 17, 2015

Sharing Books With Toddlers

Sharing Books with Toddlers, The Hanen Way

By Lauren Lowry, Hanen Certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Hanen Staff Member,-The-Hanen-Way.aspx

A Short Excerpt

”Toddlers (aged 18 months – 2 ½ years) have figured out what books are all about, but may or may not  be ready to hear a whole story. They enjoy holding a book, turning the pages, looking at the pictures and talking about what interests them. They often have their favourite books, which they want to read again and again!

When reading with a toddler, the main goals include:

  1. Developing his interest in books
  2. Having him interact back and forth with you
  3. Learning some interesting new words
  4. Having fun!

Types of Books for Sharing

How to Share a Book

Adding Language During the Reading

Make A Book
















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