Saturday, November 7, 2015

Still Need to Work on the Achievement Gap

 5 Classroom Strategies

We ignore these ideas at the expense of children who need our ONGOING SUPPORT!

Some short excerpts:
·         “A vocabulary gap between children from professional families and children from families on welfare is a major contributor to the achievement gap
·         In a child's early years, the quality of conversational opportunities is just as important as the quantity of words spoken
·         Teachers can foster better conversations in the classroom to help close the achievement gap and encourage academic success for all students”
Classroom strategies to boost conversation
“How can teachers help close the achievement gap? A careful focus on exposing all students to high-quality conversational give-and-take and varied vocabulary can make a big difference. Teachers of early learners in kindergarten through third grade should consider incorporating the following 5 activities into their daily routines:
1.    Model appropriate conversation, including asking questions and taking turns. Children without much experience in give-and-take discussions at home will need support in engaging in deep conversation….”

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