Saturday, April 21, 2018

Catching UP on Language, Literacy and Learning

You might have noticed a big gap in posts to this blog between November 2017 and March.  Too much going on at home! 

And....I'm working to reorganized my wikis, 3 blogs*, Scoopit and Pinterest curating.  My emphasis will continue to be Language, Literacy and Learning across these sites, with special emphasis on early development and a focus on K-3.  WE have far too many children stuck in the Achievement/Opportunity Gap!   Some of these children  have not had the advantage of effective early intervention and some of these children are dyslexic and have not been identified early or have not had Tier 1, 2, or 3 intervention that is effective for dyslexic children. 



*T.A.L.K. This blog primarily focuses on early language/literacy.

*Classroom Discourse Focus is on a wider age range addressing Language and Literacy Learning 

*Want to Learn Focus is on Executive Function/Metacognition across the age range beginning with preschool.

ScoopIt and Pinterest also focus on these same topics:  Each has several boards!

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