Saturday, December 3, 2016

Starting Early Matters; What YOU Know Matters

I don't usually post this kind of K-12 resource on the TALK blog, but if we really want to help children to grow in their language/literacy/learning skills, we need to know as much as we can about

What kids know.

So, take a look at the Knowledge Matters site and follow through to the Seize the Day posts.

Knowledge Matters Resources.  What You Know DOES Matter.

Go to Dig Deeper
And then click on Seize the Day:
Continue on to Resources for Parents (There are Teacher Resources, too!)
There are several links that give you a quick sketch (video) of what children know in reading writing, math and life skills in grades K through High School.  Knowing what kids CAN do is critical to knowing what we should be possible for kids who are struggling.  

So check out Seize the Day resources:

“All of us can spend more time—at school and at home—teaching our children about the world. We can seek out nonfiction videos and texts, discuss current events, and make time for museums and libraries. We can also share this infographic showing why knowledge matters and use this guide to improve curricula and instructional materials.

Resources for Parents
From reading books aloud to visiting museums to asking teachers for more knowledge-building assignments, parents can do a great deal to ensure that their children build the knowledge that they need to do well in school.
Milestones Videos  Especially valuable!....especially if you aren't sure of that Kindergartners or Third Grades, for example, are able to do:

This extensive set of short videos show parents what grade-level work looks like from kindergarten to high school.

There are also:

Resources for Teachers
These resources are recommended by teachers for knowledge-rich instruction—and most of them are free.

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