Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What Does My Child Do in School All Day?

Parents need to be partners in their child's learning/education.  I want to encourage parents to learn about their child's school day.  What is the child learning in reading, writing, social studies, science?

Here is one resource that might be helping in learning about reading.  It is based on the Common Core State Standards:

Read Works
Educational institutions join forces with literacy nonprofit
"Literacy nonprofit ReadWorks, the most consulted creator and provider of ELA curriculum in the U.S., announced partnerships with several leading cultural and educational institutions that will give teachers access to high-quality content, free of charge. The news comes shortly after ReadWorks surpassed the one million Active Teacher User mark for the school year."

Here are a few other suggestions:

Get engaged in your child's education by volunteering if possible.  If not, try to visit at least once a trimester or quarter.

Check to see if your child's teacher has a blog. 

Take an interest in the papers/work your child brings home. Just in case the child doesn't bring home papers, check to see the child's reading folder/bin while visiting the school.

Ask your child's teacher for recommendations for children's books or authors.

Read all progress reports.  As for a conference if you don't understand them or are concerned about your child's progress.

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